How to make money by selling handmade ceramic


Handmade pottery and ceramics can go for big money; however you need to know where you can sell them and how to sell them for that to happen. It doesn’t matter how great you are at your craft, if you are selling at a car boot sale then you can’t be charging gallery prices.

Where should you sell your handmade pottery and ceramics?

There are a couple of great websites that are selling platforms for handmade goods. It really just depends if you want to sell directly to your customer, or if you want to sell wholesale to a business. If you are comfortable selling directly to customers then you will earn a lot more money from your sales.

However you will need to put in more work, as you will need to take the pictures and market your product.

A really good website to sell handmade items is, they offer a wide range of handmade goods straight from the people who make them.

The website does take a small fee, but it is only small. Etsy has been growing in popularity over the last few years, and has turned into an excellent selling platform that reaches people all over the world.

How to sell homemade pottery and ceramics

There are a few different things you can do, to increase your homemade pottery and ceramics sales. The first of course is advertising, setting up a Facebook page for your store and getting a following on there is a really good form of free advertisement.

However there are other types which don’t cost very much and can really boost your sales.

Another great way to improve your sales is to add a certificate of authenticity. You might not think that anything you make will become a collectable, but it has as much chance as any other type of homemade pottery. Offering a certificate of authenticity is a really good way of convincing your customers that they are getting a great product. It also doesn’t cost you much to print them out.formore information go straight to


What else should you know about selling pottery and ceramics?

When it comes to selling anything homemade it can be easy to under or over value your stock. So before you put a price tag on what you are trying to selling, shop around a little and see what your competition is charging. Ideally you want to cover your time and resources in the price to make it worth your while.

However if you underestimate your costs then you could actually end up losing money. If this is a hobby that you really enjoy doing then you might not mind only covering the resources it to make your product, but if you are wanting to really make money from it, then you have to charge for your time as well.

You should also know that there will always be critiques of your work, but that doesn’t mean that your work isn’t good. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure so to speak, so don’t let anyone put you down about making handmade pottery and ceramics.

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